Annexes & Awning Walls

At Wilfords, we supply some of the best and most recognised Annexes and Awning Walls in the market. Our annexes are proudly manufactured in Australia, and have an extensive range of features that are based off more than a decade of product research. Made from premium materials that withstand the harsh Australian conditions, our annexes offer durability and longevity, ensuring they accompany you on countless adventures. Whether you're seeking extra living space or cosy shelter from the sun, our range of products cater to every need and preference. Explore Wilfords, where innovation meets reliability for the ultimate caravan accessory.

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Roll Out Awning Walls - Heavy Duty Canvas

This annexe is the most popular and recognised model that has been designed from more than 15 years of product research. Featuring a canvas upper and vinyl base, custom made to suit almost any size van and awning. The interchangeable arches allow you to customise your layout, plus all windows and doors are triple layered for ventilation as well as full protection. This is the most flexible annexe model making it perfect for longer trips away. We also offer measure and install services at any location Australia-wide, including Perth.

Roll Out Awning Walls - Lightweight

This model is one of the lightest annexes available on the market, designed from more than 15 years of product research & customer feedback. Crafted from a specialised lightweight polyester blend, making it extremely easy to set up and pack down. This annexe is perfect for extended trips away and customisable to fit a wide range of van and awning sizes. Get a custom fit for your annexe without the hassle of measuring yourself, with our on-site measuring and installation services in Perth.

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Roll Out Awning Walls - Shade

Experience the versatility of this Shade Annexe, offering both privacy and sun protection with effortless setup, ensuring convenience wherever you go. This innovative model strikes the ideal balance between openness and privacy, enhancing your outdoor living area with ample ventilation and cool shade. Elevate your outdoor experience with this well-designed shade solution.